The Atlantic Republic of Albatross is a tiny island nation somewhere in the North Atlantic. It is isolated, poor and at the mercy of a harsh climate.

For centuries this republic has been a safe haven for people running away from persecution, war and destitution. This story started with the arrival of 93 Huguenots fleeing France in the 17th Century. Scottish Highlanders and escapees from the African slave trade followed a few decades after. Later, Spanish Republicans and German Socialists arrived in the 1930s. Today, the population of Albatross is tiny and insular, but here, memories are long. In Albatross people are proud of their refugee past. It’s a badge of honour. People that flee their homes for a better life are not cowards or leeches as some might say. They are brave and gritty. Refugees have chosen life over death. Peace, instead of never-ending murder. These are virtues to be proud of.

Today’s Refugee Crisis, the worst since the Second World War, hasn’t gone unnoticed in Albatross. There are as many as 65 million refugees across the world. The urge to show solidarity has spread around this sea nation, but there is not much a small country, which barely provides for its few thousand people can do. But now, the internet has opened channels of action and communication. Albatross can reach the rest of the world to do its bit. To encourage solidarity in all of us lucky enough to live in peace. For the people running from death to see that at least some of their fellow humans care for their wellbeing and dignity.

That is what this site is all about.

You can help by donating to organisations aiding refugees to survive with as much hope and dignity as possible. Alternatively, you can buy some of our products and help us raise funds.

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Official Name:                 Atlantic Republic of Albatross

Area:                                  198 km2

Capital City:                     Port Albatross

Population:                      6,589

GDP per capita:               US$1300

Main Industries:             Fishing and Farming

Languages:                       English, Local Dialect based on French, English and Basque

Denonym:                         Albatrossian

Before you jump on to Google or Wikipedia, let us confess that these tiny republic is fiction. Nevertheless, the story of Albatross, is the true story of many if not all of us.  Albatross is nowhere and everywhere.

The Albatross Republic project belongs to a small group of people, voiceless and isolated, just like Albatross, with the urge to do something. Like you, and many others, we care for a better world.  Help us do our bit.