The tiny Atlantic Republic of Albatross has launched this site to promote the urgent cause of refugees across the world. It is an online campaign to raise funds for different aid organisations trying to alleviate the suffering of millions of innocent people fleeing war and destitution. 

Please check our different news links and our social media accounts to learn more about the Refugee crisis.

And also don't forget to check our shop.  You can get cool Albatrossian stuff and help us raise funds!!

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Before you go on to Wikipedia, let us confess that this tiny republic is fiction. Nevertheless, the story of Albatross, is the true story of many, if not all of us.  Albatross is nowhere and everywhere.

The Albatross Republic project belongs to a small group of people, voiceless and isolated, just like Albatross, with the urge to do something. Like you, and many others, we care for a better world.  Help us do our bit.